Introducing Our Philosophies

Introducing Our Philosophies

Introducing Our Philosophies 2000 1333 Beef and Beach

So this is the first of hopefully many blogs we hope to write about Beef and Beach Byron Bay Steak and Seafood Restaurant.

We hope to introduce you to the philosophies behind our brand, what makes us unique to the Byron Bay restaurant scene and a little history that has led us to be.

Since arriving 10 years ago Byron Bay has become a hospitality hot spot with so many diverse and unique offerings available for all tastes and preferences. We hope to contribute to this dining scene with an offering that is always consistent and exciting.

As Front of House Manager of Beef and Beach Byron Bay I took the philosophy of bigger is better. Creating a wine list showcasing wines from across the globe, a back bar that includes 150+ Gin’s, Bourbons and Whiskeys. An ever-evolving cocktail list that takes the classic’s such as The Manhattan and Old Fashioned and puts our own interpretation on it. Over the coming months we hope to increase our cocktail list to 100+ offerings featuring classics and house specialties.

Working alongside homegrown producers such as Cape Byron Distillery, Stone and Wood, Four Pillars, Melbourne Gin Co. and Starward Whiskey, it is great to feature brands that are becoming staples in many bars and restaurants across Australia.

Being a specialist in Steak and Seafood I wanted to showcase Whisk(e)y and Bourbon as their flavour profiles are fantastic compliments to the smoky flavours created from our Spanish “Josper” Charcoal Grill. With world recognised brands such as Bruichladdich, Macallan, Talisker and Oban, we have some exceptional single malt whiskeys on offer. Elijah Craig, Makers Mark, Knob Creek and EH Taylor are just a couple of the bourbons to feature on our shelves.

Times have changed and wine is no longer the staple of what people match with food, beer and spirits have their place and it is a growing trend that is very exciting to be a part of.

Our Rosemary Infused Manhattan is a fantastic compliment to our Robbins Island Wagyu Steaks

Rosemary Infused Manhattan       

40ml Rosemary Infused Knob Creek Bourbon

            20ml Adelaide Hills Sweet Vermouth

            2 -3 dash Aromatic Bitters

            10ml Spiced Sugar Syrup (infused with cinnamon, star anise, cloves and orange)

 Stir over ice until desired dilution, strain over a very large ice cube. Place complete cocktail under cloche (glass dome) and smoke using hickory wood. Garnish with flamed rosemary and an orange twist

Written by Bryn Atkins, Restaurant Manager